Brian O'Brien

Brian O' Brien from Doon County Limerick and now living in Dooradoyle. I started working on local radio in 2001. I grew up listening to country music, it was always played at home. I have worked in alot of local radio stations such as Country Gold, Estuary Radio, Galtee Radio and Radio Limerick One.

Since I started my radio shows back in 2001, I have always played mainly Irish country. I've got to say that it would be my favourite type of music. I also did a lot of interviews on my country shows on Radio Limerick One.

Through the years I have interviewed many well known artists which include Paddy O Brien, Micheal English, John Hogan, Thomas Maguire, Patrick Fenney, Mike Denver, Robert Mizzell, Majella O Donnell and many more. I am also a country music DJ. I play in many bars around playing country and Irish music. When I'm not working I love going out in limerick city to bars and clubs. On saturday nights I'm usually in the bars in town having a few drinks and dancing in the night clubs.