Margaret Cadogan

The Maggie May Show

I was born in Malin Head, Co. Donegal in 1952. Growing up, I went to National School in Malin Head and Convent of Mercy, Carndonagh. I was born into country music, singing and dancing at a young age and later used to travel many miles to the Borderland Ballroom at Muff, to hear all the showbands at the time. The big names like Big Tom, Gene Stuart, Ray Lynam, Margo and Philomena Begley!

In 1969 I went to work and live in Dublin but continued following showbands at the National Ballroom, Barrys Hotel, the Ierne Club and lots more. In 1976, I met and married Brian before moving to Sligo for a few years and eventually made we our way to Limerick in 1980. Two years later I set up my own business, running a preschool which I kept going until the last of my four children started school. After that I began looking for a career for life. Studying for three years, I completed my diploma, and soon followed by a degree in counselling. During all the study and placements, it was country music that kept me sane!

I introduced music wherever I worked. I worked with Homeless Men for a few years and have now settled as a full time Counsellor for the last 13 years heading hopefully for a happy retirement. I also now have five grandchildren and they all know not to touch Nanny's radio which, at the moment, is stuck on Irish Country Music Radio. My big hobbies are set dancing, country music weekends and as many holidays as I can put together.

The biggest challenge I've had in years is talking on radio, I'm a listener but not a talker. Buckets of cold sweat came through me during my first few shows. I'm only now begining to relax. Music has always been my therapy. Mark Butler, you are a saint with great patience. And thank you Big Bossman Pat for giving me the oppertunity to press all the wrong buttons and turn your studio upside down!

Saw this little quote and liked it:
“Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, how you leave others feeling after having an experience with you becomes your trademark. ”