About Irish Country Music Radio

The main studio of Irish Country Music Radio is located in Limerick. The station operates through a network of voluntary presenters based in Limerick and in satellite studios around Ireland, in the UK, and in Canada and Australia. The station's programmes (live and pre-recorded), uniquely, are broadcast continuously 24 hours a day, seven days a week throughout the year. After 7 years of continuous broadcasting ICMR is now established as Ireland's leading dedicated online Country music station, with a loyal and growing listenership around Ireland and the world, and enjoys good rapport with the artists whose music is played on the station.

The station originally started out as a “hobby pastime“ for Pat “Garrett“ Butler but with the popularity of its musical output coupled with the development of internet radio generally as an entertainment medium away from conventional radio, the station very quickly became the only 24/7 online Country and Irish music station broadcasting from this part of the globe. It is now the premier online station of its type in Ireland with a listenership substantially exceeding that of its would be competitors. ICMR also enjoys a very good ranking in world terms for an online Country music station.

Objectives of the Station
A broad spectrum of music is played, from both established and new artists, but with a particular emphasis on giving new “up and coming“ artists exposure that they may not be enjoying with other conventional radio stations, national and regional, in Ireland. This has been a major objective of the station since its establishment. Listeners have the opportunity to request the playing of particular artists and songs/music and to send greetings to other listeners. To produce and present quality music programmes for listener enjoyment. Studio 1 in Limerick, and programme presenters, maintain their own comprehensive musical libraries and “jukeboxes“ to facilitate this. Musical genres promoted - essentially, Country and Irish (includes American Country, Traditional Irish, Folk, and music from the Irish Showband era), reflecting the musical tastes of the Presenters and the artists, songs and music requested by listeners to the station.

Annual Awards
The station held its first Awards Night in the Hodson Bay Hotel, Athlone, on 11th November 2014. This was a most successful event and was well attended by listeners and others on the night. Awards in various musical categories were presented not only to qualifying established artists from the Irish Country music scene, but also, importantly, to chosen up and coming artists, in recognition of their contributions to Irish Country music.

The station maintains a Facebook interactive page titled “Irish Country Music Radio“ which provides opportunities for real time inter-action between listeners and presenters whilst live programmes are being broadcast.

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