10 Facts with Brian O'Brien

We already know that Brian hosts his show every Saturday here on Irish Country Music Radio but did you know that he has a fear of frogs?

Find out about Brian's facts with this edition of 10 Facts!

Did you know that Brian...

1 ... lives in Cappamore, Co. Limerick but his home away from home is Santa Ponsa, Majorca where he loves to go to on holiday.

2 ... has a daughter named Chantel.

3 ... used to work in the West County Hotel, Co. Clare as well as Dell Computers.

4 ... when not on air, Brian like to DJ at bars and hotels.

5 ... started working on the radio since 2001 and is still going strong.

6 ... is scared of spiders and frogs. He regularly checks for both before going to bed!

7 ... loves Pizza. Its his favourite food to eat.

8 ... along with two dogs and four cats, Brian has hens, geese and ducks.

9 ... loves listening to pop music, especially One Direction, Hometown and Union J.

10 ... likes cooking and gardening in his spare time.

BONUS BRIAN FACT : Brian likes to sing karaoke when on holidays. His go-to song is the Blanket on the Ground by Billie Jo Spears.

Where to find Brian O'Brien?
Facebook: www.facebook.com/briannowcuddles.brian.1