10 Facts with Julie Healy

We already know that Julie hosts her show 'Irish Roots' every week here on Irish Country Music Radio but did you know she sang a duet with Gene Stuart?

Find out about Julie's facts with this edition of 10 Facts!

Did you know that Julie...

1 ... has a personal trainer three mornings a week.

2 ... has one daughter Sinead, who lives in Manchester, UK.

3 ... does not drink alcohol or smoke.

4 ... is a workaholic and enjoys running her business in Galway City, among other things.

5 ... goes on the 'All Irish Star Cruise Liner' on the Caribbean every year with the Irish artists.

6 ... loves to shop for high fashion and shoes!

7 ... sang a duet with the legendary, Gene Stuart, on his last stage performance.

8 ... practices Astrology and has psychic intuition.

9 ... has three sisters.

10 ... is impulsive, evasive, non committal, has an enquiring mind and is a good communicator.

Where to find Julie?
Facebook: www.facebook.com/julie.healy.31