10 Facts with Michael Fox

We already know that Michael hosts his show Green Fields of Ireland every week here on Irish Country Music Radio but did you know he could sing?

Find out about Michael's facts with this edition of 10 Facts!

Did you know that Michael...

1 ... was born in Birmingham, with parents from County Mayo. He settled permanently in Ireland in 2002.

2 ... is married to Bridgette from County Carlow.

3 ... is a dog lover, owning both a Labrador and a Welsh Border Collie.

4 ... was excused from singing practice at school - as he couldn't sing!

5 ... discovered singing in a convent at start of professional musical career.

6 ... fronted Irish Country group Black Velvet Band in England for over 20 year.

7 ... had a long career in insurance mediation, rising to position of Director in a multi-national company.

8 ... was first chairperson of his local parish pastoral council and led local church choir for a period.

9 ... has many hobbies include music, writing, gardening, walking, railways and travel.

10 ... shed 3 stone between February and October 2015 under strict diet/exercise regime.

Michael's studio

Where to find Michael Fox?
Website: www.michaelfoxmusic.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/michael.fox.5011