The Presenters of ICMR

Anne O'Halloran

Country Legends

Wednesdays 5PM-7PM, Fridays 11AM-2PM

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Danny Boyle

Big D Country

Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays 3PM-5PM & Thursdays 8PM-10PM

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David Marks

Sounds Irish

Mondays 6PM-8PM, Wednesdays 11AM-1PM & Sundays 1AM-3AM

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Helen Schisas

Helen's Sunshine Show

Tuesdays 11AM-1PM, Thursdays 11AM-1PM

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Iwona Poklekowska

Iwona's Country Roads

Tuesdays 5PM-6PM, Thursdays 11PM-12AM & Sundays 3AM-4AM

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Joe Harrington

Joe's Country Kingdom

Tuesdays 9PM-11PM & Saturdays 9PM-11PM

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JP McNelis

JP's Country Megamix

Mondays 8PM-10PM

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Julian Cassells

Julian's Choice

Tuesdays 6PM-7PM, Thurdays 10PM-11PM & Saturdays 11PM-12AM

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Kristen Kelly

My Kind Of Country

Fridays 7PM-11PM

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Lucia Butler

A Taste Of Country

Mondays 1PM-3PM & Saturdays 9AM-11AM

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Maggie May

The Maggie May Show

Wednesdays 7PM-10PM & Saturdays 7PM-9PM

Michael Fox

Green Fields Of Ireland

Tuesdays 1PM-3PM, Thursdays 3PM-6PM, Saturdays 1PM-5PM & Sundays 8PM-12AM

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Pat Garrett

The All Day Breakfast Show

Tuesdays 7PM-9PM Thursdays 6PM-8PM

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Peter Campbell

Campbell's Country Hour

Thursday 1PM-2PM

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Peter Ryall

Peter's Full Irish

Mondays & Wednesdays 10PM-12AM, Saturdays 11AM-1PM & Sundays 11AM-2PM

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