Alice O'Keefe

I'm from Newfoundland, Canada. I was born and raised into a musical family, and am the youngest of eleven children. Every night I fell asleep to music and woke to it the next morning. On Saturday mornings we had a radio show called 'The Big 6', it played all Irish music. We were so happy for this hour because my mother would let us off with murder to hear the Irish music.

My mother was always wishing to visit Ireland but unfortunately she was unable to do so as my father passed away at 55 years old, leaving her with eleven children. I was the youngest of the bunch and music, I think, was what kept us all content. My mother played the organ and sang well, often playing for the school concerts and dances. My father was a mailman and carried the mail for 30 miles in hard winters on a horse and buggy over a one path and winding road.

I so love music that I started a music room on Paltalk in 2001 called 'Newfoundland Irish Country Kevin Collins Music'. I enjoy it immensely and every night enjoy the company of lovely people from all over the world and their great music. I visited Ireland in 2003 and am very much looking forward to going again in July of this year and hope to meet everyone at the station.