Danny Boyle

I love most genres of music but my favourite is definitely Country Music which goes back fifty years. I have been fortunate to have visited Nashville, and the home of Country Music the Grand Ole Opry four times. I enjoy ''live'' concerts and have seen many ''big'' names in Country Music over the years. I also enjoy collecting and reading autobiographies of Country Singers, writers and musicians.

Born in Co. Derry, I have worked with the DuPont company for 39 years, working in Europe, Switzerland, Japan and USA. Since taking early retirement in 2013 I have been involved with local radio, producing and presenting various shows covering most genres of music.

I am really looking forward to being part of Irish Country Music Radio, a station dedicated to Irish and Country Music.

My show is called ''Big D Country'' and has a Facebook Page which allows me to interact and share items of interest in Country Music.