Iwona Poklekowska

Iwona Poklekowska comes from Gdynia on the north coast of Poland where she grew up and spent her early years until she was 17 when her mother decided it was time for them to see the world.

So Iwona arrived in the UK where she started to work in coffee shops and restaurants where she developed a love for food. It was as this point that she decided to train as a chef to develop her love for all things foody.

Iwona has worked in many restaurants but her favourite place was working for Mr Al Fayed as a private chef.

Iwona has always had a love for beauty but realising how much of her hard earned money she was spending on beauty products made the choice to train as a beautician and now fully qualified runs her own beauty salon.

Iwona has varying taste in music from rock to soul and of course more recently has found a passion for country and Irish music.

She is ICMR first ever lady Polish Presenter and is hoping that her new found passion will help to further he grasp of the English language.