Julie Healy

Thank you for taking the time to read my profile.

I'm Julie and I'm delighted to be talking to you on Irish Country Music Radio. I hope you will tune in and enjoy my show, as you are welcoming me into your homes and lives I thought it would be nice to share a little bit about me.

I'm from one of the 'Four Country Roads to Glenamaddy', the song that Big Tom sang about in County Galway. Irish country music is in my soul from a very early age. I always sang along with the Old Pye Radio at home and listened to Radio Luxemburg.

After school years I emigrated to the UK and was an Entrepreneur at the age of 21 years. I became a workaholic but sometimes I managed to go into London to see all the Irish Artists when they were on tour. I danced in the National Ballroom, The Galtymore in Cricklewood, The Hammersmith Palace and other Ballrooms in London. I danced all night and sang all the way home.

I was in the bar (pub) trade for Al, it's 40 years and many of the artists played music in my bar. In my 30's I did recording with my sister, and at that time I did a radio programme on Reading 107 FM and also did a TV programme for Thames Valley TV called 'Julie's Shennanigans'. On returning back to my roots in Ireland I'm now living in Galway City but visit Glenamaddy often. I have some free time now to hear the upcoming New Artists and listen to the old ones as well. Some of those who have now deceased but have left a legacy of great music behind them.

I recorded a CD last year 'Julie: On Top of the World'. I was fortunate to be able to sing a duet with the legendery Gene Stuart on his last stage appearance. I practice Astrology and have travelled to 50 countries worldwide. I'm an Aquarius star sign with strong planets in my birth chart. I'm a people's person, vibrant, lively, youthful with a pretty good sense of humour. For over 20 years I've dined on The High Seas with great Artists on The All Irish Cruise Liner Holland America, visiting many places.

I look forward to sharing our love of Irish Country Music playing old and new.
Happy listening and hope to meet along the way in the future.

In Friendship and Peace,