Pat Garrett

The All Day Breakfast Show


Born and raised in Limerick City, I've been involved in radio and music for about 15 years. I started writing Country and Irish songs about 15 years ago on a small scale with several been recorded by some of our Irish artists.

I’ve been involved in radio in some small way for the past 8 years but in the last 18 months with the help of my son mark we have been doing our own bit for the promotion of Country and Irish music, artists (known or unknown) worldwide via our website and internet radio.

Now at last, we have taken the next step for your entertainment, LIVE BROADCASTING. With the help of some of the best presenters here with us --all voluntary-- who love what they do, we hope to bring you the best Country and Irish internet station and music from the emerald isle. Our thanks to each and every presenter that has given their time to us. Also to every artist from the top artist to the fun singer who give their time to entertain us, thank you.